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Traditional Financial Literacy Stinks!

The term “financial literacy” slowly came on to the scene about 15 years ago. Before that there was little discussion about the need for financial literacy for today’s youth, millennials or the general population at large. Man, have things changed. Since that time there’s been billions of dollars spent on financial literacy efforts by non-profits, […]

Acorns Investing Platform: A Game and Life Changer

You have to love game-changing technologies and ideas (ie..Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, Venmo, etc.) that can turn an industry upside down or just make one’s life more simple. One such game changer is the Acorns investing app. This relatively new micro investing platform enables you to begin investing with spare change to create wealth over time. […]

Financial Success is a Choice

It continues to be a great privilege to teach and coach thousands of millennials the fundamental components to achieving financial success over time.  Near the end of my presentation, when I see my 5 Step Plan really sinking in, I then ask the audience this question: “Now, what is the only thing that can get […]